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NC Youth & Government Annual Conference Information

Youth Legislature is a national YMCA program for high school students that prepares them for moral and political leadership through training in the theory and practice of developing public policy.

Each conference brings together diverse students from across the state to experience the governmental process first-hand through a unique “youth-run, youth-led” model. The Youth Legislature Conference in February. Delegates can select from a myriad of roles in which to participate in the program and annual conference.


As we approach the 2022 NC Youth and Government Conference, we're committed to balancing participant and staff safety with a strong desire to have an in-person conference. The conference will have some modifications and will follow safety protocols and directions from state and local authorities. As conference dates approach, we'll continue to monitor all indicators and will keep participants informed if any changes happen.

To keep this balance, we will follow several safety protocols for the 2022 conference

  • EVERYONE - students, advisors and staff, regardless of vaccination status will be required to submit a negative COVID PCR test result within 3 days of the start of the conference. We will provide more instruction on how to submit these results as the conference approaches.
  • Delegates will not be allowed to "come and go" from the conference as they have in years past.
  • Participants, advisors and staff will wear masks while indoors, except for in their own sleeping rooms.
  • Programming and evening activities may take place in small groups while still maintaining the traditional conference experience.
  • Mealtimes and transition periods will be staggered and extra COVID protocols will be in place.


Delegates can choose a role in the Legislatie program to write, debate and anaylze bills in both the House and Senate.


Delegates can experience the judicial branch of government by arguing cases or taking on the role determining the outcome of cases in a courtroom setting.


Delegates can be a part of the media team, reporting on bills, creating video content and managing social media content.

Elected Officials

Delegates may choose to run for one of several elected positions at the NC Youth and Government conference. Most positions require specific experience qualifications.