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Teen Programs

Do Good Things

Teens want to Do Good Things. We want to provide opportunities for them to Do Good Things for their communities, for their future and for their health. Because when teens do good, it's good for everyone.

Our teen programs are designed to develop healthy leaders and changemakers. We believe that teens are an asset to our communities and to our Y.

For Community

Teen voices matter. When teenagers are part of the conversation, they become more connected to their communities. The Y is committed to providing opportunities for teens to become confident and engaged global citizens. 

For Future

YMCA programs inspire young people to reach their full potential by cultivating leadership skills, instilling character development, fostering teamwork and building skills needed for college/career success.  

For Health

Good mental and physical health habits start early. The Y has programs that help teens build those good habits. Whether it's fitness, sports or connection to others, we invest in the well-being of teens across the Triangle.