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Judicial Roles

Delegates have the option to participate in the court of appeals program or apply to join a mock trial team . Delegates will act as judges, attorneys, witnesses, and bailiffs in a series of rounds in which they compete against other teams as either the Defense or Prosecution for Mock Trial or the Appellant or Appellee for Court of Appeals. Our goal for our Judicial participants is for them to develop a clear and active understanding of the judicial process in both criminal courts and appeals courts.

Participants are challenged to work as a team to develop solid arguments for all sides of a case and perform their roles faithfully to replicate real court proceedings as closely as possible.

Mock Trial

Delegates in grades 9 - 12 may choose to participate in Youth and Government through Mock Trial. In Mock Trial, teams consisting of 2 attorneys and 2-3 witnesses present an assigned case. Students interested in theater may excel as there is a need for strong presentation as either witness or attoryey. Mock Trial Delegate requirements include:

  • No experience required to participate
  • Must submit an application in order to be considered
  • The best mock trial team for each side of the case will be selected and then they will present in front of all judicial participants
  • Each team will consist of 2 Attorneys and 2-3 Witnesses
  • Team captains will be selected to lead each team. Team captains will serve as attorneys
  • Cases will be assigned at Pre-Conference
  • Review the Mock Trial overview to learn more about this role.


Court of Appeals

In the Court of Appeals, delegates try a case or present a case to an appellate court based on their role: attorney, witness or judge. You will argue your side of a case throughout the Youth Legislature Conference.

Each Delegate also judges an Appeals Court or a Supreme Court case as part of a five to seven judge panel. In the Court of Appeals, Delegates:

  • May work as an individual or in pairs 
  • Will be assigned two court cases and must submit a brief for each in order to participate
  • No Experience required to participate 
  • Review the Court of Appeals overview to learn more about this role.