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Y Health Memberships

What is a Y Health Membership?

Thanks to a grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, the YMCA is able to offer Y Health memberships to members of our community who need access to quality, evidence-based programs, health coaching and workout facilities.


A Y Health membership is one where the patient is referred to the YMCA by a physician. Typically, the referral comes as a result of a health diagnosis such as pre-diabetes, adult and child weight management, cancer, high blood pressure or the risk of falls due to age or illness.


Each Y Health membership is a bundle of three services - a YMCA membership, participation in an evidence-based program and care coordination. Programs are offered both in-person and virtually.

Referring Agencies

Advance Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
Duke Health
Lincoln Community Health Center
NC Medical Society Foundation
UNC Health 
WakeMed Key Community Care

Resources for Healthy Living

The YMCA of the Triangle offers virtual Nutrition Seminars at no cost each month. Click here to learn more.


Healthy Weight and Your Child

A family weight-management program that focuses on healthy eating, physical activity and behavior change.

Blood Pressure Self Monitoring

A way for participants to work with healthy heart ambassadors and self-monitor their blood pressure.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Participants explore how healthy eating, physical activity and behavior changes can help reduce the risk for developing diabetes.


Adult cancer survivors build strength, increase flexibility and improve energy levels and self-esteem in a small group setting.

Moving for Better Balance

A falls-prevention program that uses the principles and movement of Tai Chi to help older adults improve balance and increase confidence.

Weight Loss

Is designed to help people seeking a healthier weight achieve their goals by making small, modest changes to their daily behaviors and forming sustainable, healthy habits.

Y Health Membership Referrals

Y Health memberships must have a doctor referral, meaning your doctor or health care provider must refer you to a specific YMCA evidence-based program or Y Health membership type. 

However, if you have already had your annual wellness visit for the year, or you know you have a condition that could benefit from a Y Health membership, you can download a self-referral form and send it in for your doctor or healthcare provider's approval.

Additional Information

Y Health memberships last the duration of your prescribed, evidence-based program. You can be prescribed more than one program. If you are a current YMCA member, our staff can transfer your membership for the duration of your program. Financial Assistance is available for self-pay Y Health memberships.  


Self Pay: Referred patient pays the monthly Y Health membership fee.
Individual $60/month 
Individual + Dependent $80/month

BCBSNC Beneficiaries (All Plans Covered): Referred patient pays the monthly Y Health membership fee
and insurance provider pays remainder.
Individual $25/month 
Individual + Dependent $45/month 

Y Health Membership Activation and Attendance

To activate your Y Health membership the YMCA must have a referral from your provider, enrollment in an evidence-based program and set up your first health coach appointment. 

To keep your Y Health membership active, you will need to attend the majority of the program, to adhere to the attendance policy. If your schedule changes where you will miss more than two sessions, please let our staff know. 


Y Health membership staff can help you with these steps by calling 919-582-9396 or via email.