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Youth and Government Advisor Information

While following the North Carolina Civics curriculum, the advisor and delegation play an important role in our communities. Our advisors see how North Carolina YMCA Youth & Government impacts their delegates firsthand through this volunteer mentorship.

Adult Advisors

  • Spend time with students and create an environment of learning.
  • Build healthy, positive relationships with students.
  • Work closely with a small group creating an opportunity to educate and nurture potential. Clubs must adhere to a 1:12 advisor-to-student ratio for all functions, including club meetings.

Student Participants

  • Gain an understanding of formal and informal governance structures.
  • Participate actively in the legislative, judicial, lobbyist and/or press process
  • Become aware of societal issues and their resolutions.
  • Develop confidence in and dedication to the democratic process.
  • Learn participative leadership skills.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Listen to and learn to respect varying viewpoints.
  • Learn accountability and respect for others’ rights.
  • Work alongside and learn from older, experienced students.
  • Apply moral and ethical valuing processes to public policy making
  • Gain exposure to potential career opportunities.
  • Gain hands-on experience with parliamentary procedure, bill research, bill writing, judicial brief writing, public speaking training, position paper writing and debate training.

How to Start and Sustain a Club

  • Contact the North Carolina State Director to either find an existing delegation or create a new delegation.
  • Attend Monthly Advisor Meetings hosted by the State Office.
  • Familiarize yourself with the vision, competencies and resources created by the state office to sustain a successful delegation.
  • Recruit delegates and host bi-weekly meetings.
  • Attend the annual state conference.

Club Delegation Roles

  • Club President/Student Delegation Leader
  • Vice President of Legislative
  • Vice President of Judicial
  • Vice President of Additional Areas

Interacting with Our Teens

Youth and Government advisors complete thorough training with YMCA before beginning their roles. All participants adhere to a code of conduct. In addition, please remember and consider the following:
Be Respectful 
Our teens are finding their voices and in the process of developing leadership and communication skills.

Be Responsible
Our program intention is to build policy process knowledge. The goal is not to influence teens with personal political views.

Be Safe
Our teens should be exposed to age-appropriate conversations and experiences which includes professional and kind language. 

For more information, contact Amber McClure.