YMCA of the Triangle

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Family Programs

The YMCA of the Triangle is committed to helping families grow stronger and live healthier. We give families a place to connect with each other and the community, build lasting relationships and have fun together through programs like Y Guides, our annual Families On! Challenge, and Family Camps.

We believe stronger families means stronger communities. Family time is more important than ever, so don't wait. Active, healthy together time can be found at the Y.


Flight Day

Flight Day is an annual event hosted by Y Guides, a program that strengthens the father-child relationship through activities and programs. All are welcome to join us with kites, homemade flying machines and/or rockets.

This annual event is held in early summer and is free and open to the public. You can launch rockets and kites or bring a picnic and enjoy the event. 

Kites Unlimited will be available for small kite repairs.

Kid Zone

Kid Zone Care is a drop-off child care program held at the YMCA. This program is specifically set up to help our members enjoy a workout knowing their child is secure, safe and well taken care of.

Y Guides

The YMCA of the Triangle Y Guides program focuses on strengthening the father-child relationship through activities that allow fathers to spend quality one-on-one time with their children.

It’s through these shared experiences that fathers and their children grow closer and form memories that will last a lifetime.

YMCA Families On! Challenge

The YMCA Families On! Challenge, is an exciting, family fun run specifically designed for all ages and athletic abilities. Family, friends, co-workers and teammates experience a fun run theme, on an outdoor adventure course. 

This self-paced, 2+ mile outdoor adventure course features 20+ creative challenges. Participants will play in the mud, slide down a massive slip and slide and so much more!