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Youth & Government Frequently Asked Questions

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Do youth have to be interested in politics to pursue Youth and Government?

Many delegates are not interested in politics but are interested in expanding public speaking opportunities, meeting people around the state, and developing civil discourse and communication skills. Delegates also interested in extra-curricular activities for college entrance applications are highly encouraged to participate. Additionally, we have participants who are interested in pursuing a future political path and this program prepares them for skills needed to be successful. 

What is Youth and Government and who is it for?

A YMCA nationwide civic program that prepares high school students for moral and political leadership. Throughout the school year, participants immerse themselves in civic engagement and learning through their local club delegation which culminates at the model-government state conference. Held annually in February, the NC Youth Legislature Conference brings students together from across the state to experience the governmental process first-hand.

What is a Delegation?

A Delegation is a group of youth from a school, YMCA, or community group that is organized by a Delegation Lead Advisor/Advisor. Delegations can be groups of any size, from a small cluster of 4 students to larger organizations of over 100.  Any YMCA branch or school (private, public, or charter) can start a delegation. New delegations should be formed no later than October of the school year to successfully participate at the State Conference

Are there fees associated with Youth and Government?

The YMCA charges a set fee for participants to attend the annual North Carolina Youth Legislative Conference each year which is a 3-night and 4-day experiential learning event in downtown Raleigh hosted in Legislative Office Buildings (LOB), Raleigh Convention Center (RCC), and hotel meeting spaces (Marriot and Sheraton). Delegation fees are dependent on the delegation. Delegations are welcome to incorporate fundraising in their individual programming. A limited number of scholarships are available each year. 

What are the outcomes of this youth-led YMCA program?

  • Gain knowledge of government structures, democratic process, and how to create public policy
  • Develop confidence and critical thinking skills through leadership development
  • Expand awareness of societal issues, career & networking opportunities 
  • Enhance communication skills through opportunities for debate, public speaking, and writing.

If my local school or YMCA does not have a delegation, who do I contact for more information?

Please contact the Youth and Government State Director, Amber McClure.