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YMCA Esports gives players ages 8 - 12 the opportunity to compete with other players and gain skills and knowledge about gaming.

New to Esports?

If your child is new to Esports or has never participated in online gaming, the games and technology can feel a bit overwhelming.

To start YMCA Esports is simply a sports league. Like soccer or basketball, teams are made up of teens based on age, grade and skill level, meaning your 11-year-old won’t be playing against an 18-year-old.

And like all YMCA sports leagues, we emphasize fair play, teamwork and good conduct throughout all the games and team/player interactions.

Super Smash Bros.
A fighting game where players can “smash” opponents out of the arena. The game is crossover style so players can choose characters from a variety of Nintendo games.

All teams are managed by the YMCA and Triangle Esports Academy. Like other YMCA programs, the teams are staffed and coached by employees and volunteer coaches. In Esports, volunteer coaches are likely to be college students who play Esports themselves.

Please contact Kate Gross, Association Director of Teen Programs, if you have additional questions or if you're interested in volunteering.