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Thrive at the Y!  Come to the Y to make friends, get active and volunteer (give back to the community).  YMCA THRIVE is geared toward active older adult YMCA members.

Get active, and join a THRIVE group fitness class. In THRIVE group fitness classes, you will find workouts geared for active older adults held at convenient times. 

Make friends, THRIVE is a warm and welcoming community.  Y’s host fun events at local restaurants and do community activities together.  

Volunteer, THRIVE members also team up to volunteer at local YMCA events, such as the Families On! Challenge or tutoring for students in our Y Learning or Community Hope programs

Thrive is held at most of our YMCA locations


The YMCA is always looking for volunteers. We need volunteers for our educational support programs such as Y Learning or Community Hope, sports coaches or at events. Find a friend and volunteer together.

Group Fitness Classes

Fitness classes best suited for active older adults are now called THRIVE classes. Available at all our YMCAs, these classes include Yoga, Pilates, Chair-based workouts, Strength and Balance, Tai Chi and water fitness. 

Social Events

Our YMCAs host monthly activities for THRIVE members including social lunches, movies, museum exhibit outings and community activities. Each YMCA hosts different outings but THRIVE members are welcome to attend any and all events. 


A.E. Finley YMCA, find our activities or contact Paula Ruff
Alexander Family YMCA, find our activities 
East Triangle YMCA, find our activities, contact Dana Quigley or join our Facebook group.
Kerr Family YMCA, find our activities or contact Jamie Gaskins or join our Facebook group.
Kraft Family YMCA, find our activities, contact Helen Rentz,  or join our Facebook group.
Northwest Cary YMCA, find our activities or contact Mary Jane Reyes-Ford 
Poole Family YMCA, find our activities or contact Beth Porter or join our Facebook group.
Taylor Family YMCA, find our activities or contact Linda Collier or join our Facebook group.