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Medical Memberships

The YMCA of the Triangle aims to improve our community's health and well-being by providing programs and activities that promote wellness, reduce risk for chronic disease and help others reclaim their health. Join today with a prescription from your doctor.

About YMCA Medical Memberships

A YMCA medical membership is a type of YMCA membership where the member is referred to the YMCA by a physician. Typically this referral comes as a result of a health diagnosis, such as pre-diabetes, adult and child weight management, cancer and the risk of falls due to age or illness.

YMCA Medical Memberships are offered at the Alexander Family YMCA and the Kraft Family YMCA.

The YMCA offers proven evidence-based programs. By partnering with physicians we can provide these specific programs, care coordination as well as all the amenities, services, fitness classes and programs the YMCA offers.

Care Coordination

Qualified YMCA staff members will help you meet your health and wellness goals and communicate your progress with your physician.

YMCA Membership

A full YMCA membership that grants you access to all YMCA locations in the Triangle. Membership also includes access to fitness equipment and classes.

YMCA Evidence-Based Programs

While your YMCA Medical Membership begins immediately, your evidence-based program will be scheduled based on availability.

YMCA Medical Memberships are available for our Moving for Better Balance program, the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program, Healthy Weight and Your Child, Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring, Weight Loss Program and LIVESTRONG at the YMCA. Your doctor will tell you which medical membership you need to join.

Join Today

If you are currently a YMCA member, please contact Customer Service or call 919-719-9989.

Moving for Better Balance
Individual Membership
Individual & Dependents Membership

YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program
Individual Membership
Individual & Dependents Membership

Healthy Weight & Your Child
Individual & Dependents Membership

Weight Loss Program
Individual Membership
Individual & Dependents Membership

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring
Individual Membership
Individual & Dependents Membership

P3: Patient, Physician, Prevention
Individual Membership
Individual & Dependents Membership

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is offered at no charge thanks to philanthropic support from the YMCA's Annual Campaign. Please contact Amy Ward below to register for this program. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Subscribers

The Blue Cross NC Medical Memberships will launch in the fall of 2019. However, we are currently taking referrals. Learn more about the program. For additional information, call 919-582-9396.

General Questions

For questions about the program, contact Medical.Membership@YMCATriangle.org. If you are a current YMCA member, please contact Customer Service or call 919-719-9989.