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YOTA Swim Team Age Group

The YOTA Age Group Program emphasizes stroke technique and foundational skills. In this program, swimmers are placed in groups based on their age and abilities. There are five levels offered within the Age Group program.

YOTA Age Group Areas of Focus

Development: YOTA has one of the best swimming progression layouts in the country. The variety of swim groups allows swimmers to find their best fit.

Sportsmanship: Our team of more than 600 athletes is consistently recognized for their generous behavior, friendly demeanor and respectfulness within the swimming community.

Character: YOTA believes in developing not only highly successful athletes, but also respectful, honest, caring and responsible people.

Swimmers are placed in the group that best fits his or her inclination and ability. All swimmers must complete an evaluation by one of our coaches before being placed in a group.

For more information and to set up an evaluation appointment, contact the coach at your local Y branch

A.E. Finley YMCA: Macy Blake
Chapel Hill - Carrboro YMCA: David McDevitt
Downtown Durham YMCA: Stanley Bass
Kerr Family YMCA: Shawn Fischer
Taylor Family YMCA: Brooks Teal
YMCA Oberlin Programs Center: Madison Temple

YOTA Swim Team Prep: Developmental

The YOTA prep program provides a great bridge between swim lessons and swim team for swimmers ages 7 - 11.

YOTA Junior Prep: Developmental

The YOTA prep program provides a great bridge between swim lessons and swim team for swimmers ages 11 & up

Green Age Group: Beginner Competitive

This is an entry-level developmental group for ages 6 - 9. Swimmers in this group must be able to demonstrate great listening and behavioral skills.

White Age Group: Moderately Competitive

This is a group for ages 9 - 11 and is designed to build upon technical skills in all four competitive strokes, while also developing a strong aerobic foundation.

Purple Age Group: Competitive

This is a competitive training group designed for ages 10 - 12 to prepare swimmers for state and regional levels of competition.  

Silver Age Group: Highly Competitive

This is the highest competitive training group in the age group sites. This group is designed for swimmers ages 12 - 15 to train them for state, regional and national levels of competition.