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Middle School United Nations

2022 - 23 Program Year

The YMCA is working to build new program offerings for our middle schoolers and as such MSUN will not be offered this year. 

Civic Engagement occurs anytime people take action to better their community. This includes developing tools and skills to help teens and middle schoolers better their community. As the YMCA works to offer relevant civic engagement programs for middle school students, we want to hear from you!

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Middle School United Nations (MSUN) is a program for students in grades 6 - 8 to learn about global issues. Students assume the roles of diplomatic representatives to the United Nations as they consider contemporary international concerns. Through role-play, students gain a greater understanding of world problems and the complexity of international relations.




YMCA Middle School United Nations is open to teens in grades 6 - 8.


The cost of the annual conference is $351 per student.

Students participate in the program through their local delegations. The YMCA of the Triangle hosts Delegations at area Ys. Delegations are also hosted at middle schools, churches, or other youth-affiliated programs. Delegations typically meet weekly, and the highlight of the program is the state conference in February. We welcome any teen who has an interest in gaining a better understanding of how the United Nations operates.

Student delegates research, debate and establish policies, treaties and resolutions. Their main focuses are international issues, including disputes between countries, peacekeeping efforts, border crisis, stabilizing financial markets and dealing with hunger, disease and poverty.

Benefits of starting an MSUN Club

Student participants in the program will

  • Gain skills to be globally-minded
  • Understand the importance of diplomacy 
  • Become aware of societal issues and their resolutions.
  • Develop confidence in and dedication to the conscience process.
  • Learn participative leadership skills.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Listen to and learn to respect varying viewpoints.
  • Learn accountability and respect for others’ rights.
  • Apply moral and ethical valuing processes to public policymaking
  • Gain exposure to potential career opportunities.

Advisor Information

The role of the Advisor is equal parts mentor, teacher, and friend. This job is a very important one in Middle School United Nations (MSUN) and, as such, is also very rewarding. Our advisors see how MSUN impacts their delegates firsthand. 

State Office

Provides vision, leadership and support for your local club. The State Office is a resource for you to use for materials, meetings with school or YMCA staff, sharing of ideas, and much more.

For more information or to find a delegation please contact Kate Gross.