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Group Fitness Classes: Yoga

Yoga Classes at the YMCA

Yoga classes at the YMCA connect the breath, body and mind through poses and movements designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your physical body. Yoga is for everyone. It can improve your strength, balance and flexibility whether you are a first-timer at our Gentle Yoga or a more experienced participant at one of our Hot Yoga classes. 

Yoga Group Fitness Class at the Y

Yoga group fitness classes are designed to help you improve your strength, flexibility and balance.


Gently Yoga is a class with a gentle approach allowing participants to focus on flexibility, stability and balance. The flow of the class moves at a slower pace so participants can open up, stretch and explore yoga at a deeper level.


This powerful practice will appeal to the athlete interested in yoga. This class features strength and core work. Participants will work up a sweat while maintaining good form and flexibility.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a grounded, slow, but powerful vinyasa yoga practice. This class connects students to their roots by turning their attention and focus inward and to their breath.


Sculpt combines Flow Yoga with strength and cardio elements to provide a well-curated total body workout.  The addition of hand weights to traditional yoga poses adds a new element of intensity while still focusing on linking breath to movement.


Move from one pose into another, linked to the breath, as this series of postures builds strength, increases flexibility, and reduces stress. Many modifications are offered for those who are stretching more gently and additional challenges are given for those looking for a more vigorous experience.

Hot Yoga

The YMCA has a hot yoga studio at our Poyner YMCA in downtown Raleigh. This space offers additional classes such as Ashtanga Fusion, Pilates Fusion, Power Sculpt and more. 

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