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Group Fitness Classes: Yoga

Yoga Classes at the YMCA

Yoga classes at the YMCA connect the breath, body and mind through poses and movements designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your physical body. Yoga is for everyone. It can improve your strength, balance and flexibility whether you are a first-timer at our Gentle Yoga or a more experienced participant at one of our Hot Yoga classes. 

Yoga Group Fitness Class at the Y

Yoga group fitness classes are designed to help you improve your strength, flexibility and balance.

Gentle/ Hatha Yoga

Participants practice mobility, flexibility, stability and balance during this gentle approach to yoga. The slower pace and focus on breath work strengthens and deepens postures.

Power Yoga

Work up a sweat during this powerful athletic approach to yoga. Class features both strength and core work with a focus on maintaining good form and flexibility.

Slow Flow

This beginner to intermediate yoga practice links breath to movement through a series of postures focused on cultivating breath, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow

Vigorous yoga practice that links breath to movement through a series of postures while cultivating breath, strength, endurance and flexibility. Additional core work and arm balances may be offered.


This yoga class consists of long held, passive floor poses that target the lower body, spine and shoulders. Focused breath techniques enable greater range of motion, increased energy flow and deeper relaxation.

Yoga Sculpt

This style of yoga combines strength and cardio elements to provide a total body workout. The use of hand weights during traditional yoga poses adds a new element of intensity.

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