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Group Fitness Classes: MindBody

MindBody Classes at the YMCA

MindBody fitness classes at the YMCA focus on harmony, movement and the connection between your mind, breath and physical body. These classes are for toning, movement, balance and more. 

Mind Body Pilates Group Fitness Classes

Mindbody fitness classes at the YMCA focus on movement and breath and the relationship between your workout and your mental health.


Barre offers challenges in coordination, rhythm, and cardiovascular fitness. This barre-based class uses different postures focused on small, isometric hold and small range motion exercises inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates.


An exercise class emphasizing a balance between flexibility and core strength. All exercises are done on a mat. The moves may look simple, but they take a lot of precision and control.  You’ll get stronger, more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility. You may also have better posture and a better sense of well-being.

Tai Chi

Learn Tai Chi basics for the beginning student. We will introduce gentle, meditative movements incorporating basic principles from both Yang and Sun style forms to help you achieve better balance, strength, range of motion, memory and mental focus. Movements may also be performed while seated.)Wear flat shoes and comfortable clothes.

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