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Group Fitness Classes: Cycle

Cycle Classes at the YMCA

YMCA Cycle classes range from beginner (Prepare) to hardcore (Battle). Our ICG Connect Cycle technology is an immersive experience where riders and instructors encourage each other to reach personal bests. Video screens let you visualize different areas and countries as you ride. 

Cycling Group Fitness Classes at the Y

We offer Cycle classes at all full-facility YMCAs. Most locations have dedicated Cycle studios with immersive screens, the latest technology, supporting apps and a community of riders and instructors who will help you learn to ride and challenge you when ready.


Prepare is for individuals who are new to Cycle or would like to get the most out of the ICG Connect technology found on our bikes. During this class, you will learn how to set up your bike, complete an FTP test, utilize the ICG training app, and learn how to find the right cycle class for you. 


Bring your competitive spirit to this high-intensity class. Battle is an interactive class utilizing the gaming options on our cycle bike consoles while projecting on the big screens in our studios. The instructor, and your teammates, will empower you to take your ride to the next level. 


Lose yourself in the music! Beats will improve your cardiovascular endurance while you ride to the beat of the music. You will be led on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat roads while listening to a variety of tunes.


A 30-minute instructor's choice ride or a quick and effective cardiovascular workout. Look to add an Upper Body, Lower Body, TRX or Core Blast class before or after your Cycle session. 


A motivating power training class utilizing the five color zones with a focus on increasing endurance, strength and cardiovascular capacity. we recommend riders attend a Prepare class before attending Force to maximize your workout and experience.


Do you like to mix your cardio with strength or mobility work? Fusion combines cycling intervals mixed with strength training or mobility work. Cycle Fusion is designed to mirror the intensity of riding a bike through varied terrain while incorporating other modalities of training to get a full-body workout. 

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