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Group Fitness Classes: Conditioning

Conditioning Classes at the YMCA

We offer Conditioning classes at our YMCA. These classes are designed to incorporate both cardio and strength moves. Classes have intensity levels posted and of course, can be modified for different fitness levels. 

Conditioning Group Fitness Classes

YMCA Conditioning classes are intense classes designed to get your heart rate up, get you moving and get you results. 

Cardio Strength

Cardio Strength is a combination of cardio work and strength exercise utilizing various pieces of equipment. Each unique class includes cardio, strength and core work. Class participants will improve cardiovascular stamina, core strength and flexibility.  (medium intensity)


MetCon or Metabolic Conditioning, increases metabolic demand and energy usage. It consists of short bursts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) followed by short bursts of lower-intensity, or circuit training with various exercises. (medium intensity)

Athletic Conditioning

This high-intensity class combines skills and drills challenging your inner athlete while improving overall speed, agility and power. It combines strength training and cardio pushing the boundaries of muscular endurance and strength. Athletic Conditioning creatively mixes bodyweight exercises with safe plyometrics. Strength and power work are achieved utilizing a variety of equipment for challenges; the cardio portion may include plyometric work and running. (high intensity)

Low Impact Interval Training

Low Impact Interval Training, LIIT, is the lower-impact version of HIIT. It provides a high-intensity workout without high-impact exercises. LIIT is sustainable and manageable training that challenges strength and endurance without pounding, running and jumping. LIIT workouts can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, shed unwanted weight and increase metabolism. LIIT can also improve cognitive function and lessen fatigue, especially in older adults. Another benefit of slowing down is focusing on form. (medium intensity)


Designed to unleash your inner warrior, Kickboxing leans on the influences of multiple martial arts disciplines. This non-contact, cardio-driven workout is set to insprining music and choreographed with punches and kicks that will annihilate calories and leave you feeling stronger.  (medium intensity)


This energizing walk/run workout uses changing speeds and inclines to redefine treadmill training. (medium intensity)

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