Kerr Family YMCA – Parent & Child Swim Lessons

The Kerr Family YMCA, in north Raleigh, offers swim lessons for babies and toddlers ages six to 36 months with their parents.

This YMCA swim class introduces the child to the water and aquatic fun.

Parents work with their children on basic, introductory water skills such as blowing bubbles, kicking and floating. Basic pre-swimming skills are taught by a YMCA swim instructor.

Lifeguards are always on the pool deck during swim lessons, and babies must wear a swim diaper. Parents must accompany the child in the water.

The Kerr Family YMCA is located in Raleigh off Falls of Neuse Road, north of Interstate 540.

parent-child play group

The Kerr Family YMCA is offering something new this summer: a Parent-Child Play Group! Parents will be led in games and activities to help their 6 - 18 month-old child be comfortable in a pool environment. This program is available for Members only. There is no fee for these classes. Please click on the attachment labeled "Parent-Child Play Group Info" below for more information.

parent-child swim lessons

This class is designed to teach parents methods for helping their 18 - 36 month-old child to be comfortable in the water. This class prepares the child for a group lesson environment. Our goal for this class is to help the parent and child have a positive water experience while teaching basic pre-swimming skills. See the attachment labeled "Parent-Child Swim Lesson Info" below for more information.


Fall registration opens on August 1 for YMCA Members and August 15 for Program Participants. 

Winter registration opens on November 1 for YMCA Members and November 15 for Program Participants. 

Spring registration opens on February 1 for YMCA Members and February 15 for Program Participants. 

Summer registration opens on April 1 for YMCA Members and April 15 for Program Participants. 


To inquire about class availability and pricing contact the Welcome Center at 919-562-9622.
For questions regarding program specifics, contact Lorie Buchholz at

The YMCA offers swim lessons for YMCA Members only during the summer season at our outdoor pools. We offer swim lessons for YMCA Members and non-members year-round at our indoor pools. Not all lesson times and sessions are available for non-members, due to demand.