Taylor Family YMCA & Northwest Cary YMCA – Youth Basketball

The Taylor Family YMCA and Northwest Cary YMCA will offer regional basketball leagues during the fall and winter seasons.

Volunteers coach our teams, and all kids play. All YMCA sports leagues emphasize teamwork and fair play. Interested in coaching? Contact Eric.Santilli@ymcatriangle.org prior to the start of the season.

Season Information

Seasons are 9 weeks long in total. All players are given a jersey and participation medal.
U14 and U11 girls practice on Monday evenings and have games on Thursday evenings.
U14 and U11 boys practice on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, per the coach’s discretion. Games are on Friday evenings. 
The U14 boys division is considered a capstone league and is not recommended for beginning players.
U9 coed practices on Wednesday evenings and has games on Saturday mornings.
U7 coed has a combined practice and game on Saturday mornings.
For information about the U5 Rookie League, please visit the Preschool Sports page.
During registration, you will have the opportunity to specify coach and teammate requests. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all requests will be accommodated. When you register for the league, you are eligible to be placed on any team with any schedule. 




U14 & U11 Boys  (FULL)
U14 & U11 Girls
U9 & U7 Coed  (FULL)
During the winter, all coed leagues will be held at the Northwest Cary YMCA. Boys & girls U11 and U14 divisions will play games at the Northwest Cary YMCA but may have practices at the Taylor YMCA per the coach’s discretion.

winter  DATES


August 1 (Members)

August 15 (Participants)
Registration deadline is December 15. No registrations will be accepted after this date.


The winter season is Jan. 7 - March 9


$94 (Member)
$113 (Participant)
Register Online


Eric Santilli, Regional Sports Director