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Poyner YMCA Hot Yoga Options

No matter what your experience level or area of interest, there's a hot yoga class to meet your needs. Our classes are taught by experts who are ready to support you in your wellness journey and trained in the latest techniques designed to deliver results.

You can see our classes and sign up online here.

Poyner Y Hot Yoga Classes

Power Sculpt, 95°+ 
This class combines elements of vinyasa yoga with light dumbells and toning moves, all to the rhythm of your breath and music. 

Gritty Flow, 95°+ 
Through connecting dynamic postures to breath, students will build strength physical and mentally in this hot vinyasa yoga class. Set to upbeat music, learn to find your edge and soften around it. 

Essence Flow, 90° -  95°+ 
This vinyasa flow class will turn the student’s awareness inward. With a focus on grounded connection and sensation through the breath, students are able to get deeper into their bodies. 

YinYasa, 95° 
Connect breath to movement in the first 30 minutes of this practice, students will build heat through a vinyasa flow sequence. The second half of this class utilizes the heat created to relax into the connective tissue for several different yin stretches.  

Yin, 80° -  85°+  
This class combines deep, non-muscular postures held for 3-4 minutes each to get into connective tissues. Options for use of bolsters and straps to provide restorative results.

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