Membership Policies

 Joining the YMCA

Can you explain the YMCAs Joining Fee?

The joining fee is a nonrefundable, one-time fee that is paid upon joining. As long as the membership remains continuous, the joining fee is only paid once. You may divide the joining fee into four monthly payments at the start of your membership.

If you discontinue your membership before completing all four payments, you will continue to be drafted for the remainder of the joining fee until paid in full. If a member rejoins within six months, the joining fee is waived.

The joining fee is based on your membership type. If you upgrade your membership within the first six months, you will be responsible for the difference in the joining fee. In addition, no refunds will be issued for a membership downgrade.

What are my payment options at the YMCA?

Your automatic withdrawal date will normally be the 1st, 9th, 17th or 24th of each month. IMPORTANT: If your draft date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, you will be drafted the following business day.

It is your responsibility to notify your YMCA branch or the Customer Service Center to update your payment information.

Membership Types and Dependents

Can you explain the member types and who is a dependent?

Membership Types and Ages


  • Young Adult: Ages 14 - 28
  • Adult: Age 29 - 64
  • Senior Adult: Age 65 and older
  • Dependents: Age 22 and younger


*Dependents may include grandchildren and other children for whom the member is the guardian and tax dependent, Dependents must be removed from the membership within six months following their 23rd birthday. Dependents may join as a young adult without paying a joining fee. After six months, a joining fee will be required. 


I have a YMCA membership in another state, can I visit your YMCA?

Visiting active YMCA members from any other state are welcome to visit a YMCA of the Triangle branch free of charge. YMCA Nationwide Membership restrictions may apply. 

middle Schoolers

What is my middle schooler eligible to do?

Middle Schoolers in rising grades 6 - 8 who have completed a Middle School Orientation will receive a membership card allowing entrance to the Y without a parent for the following facility areas:

  • Machine weights
  • Cardio machines
  • Gym
  • Group fitness classes (class exceptions: Yoga, Strength classes, Pilates)
  • Pool (must have acquired their black band)

Middle schoolers are permitted to use free weights while being accompanied by an adult.
(Kerr Family YMCA members, please read their specific middle school policy)

Age 13 and Younger

All Middle School members under the age of 14 who have not completed a Middle School Orientation must be in a structured activity, such as Youth Sports, Swim Lessons or be under the direct supervision of an adult, age 18 and older while on the Wellness Floor. Children younger than middle school are not allowed on the Wellness Floor.

Age 14 and Older

Members age 14 and older may use the YMCA facility without parental supervision.

Middle School Guest Policy

Middle school members who have completed Middle School Orientation may bring a guest who is age 14 or older.

GUEST Policy & Fees

Are guests welcome at the YMCA?

Guests who reside within a YMCA of the Triangle service area* must be accompanied by a YMCA of the Triangle member and pay guest fees per visit.

Guests who reside outside the service area must be accompanied by a YMCA of the Triangle member and may receive three visits per year. After that time, guest fees apply.

Guests must check in and provide photo identification.

*YMCA of the Triangle service area includes Wake, Johnston, Durham, Orange, Lee and Chatham counties.

Are there any restrictions/exclusions that may apply?

Some branches may have restrictions on guests accessing space due to heavy member usage of that space (ie basketball court, summer pool hours/days). Check with the visiting branch before you arrive to see if restrictions are in place.

Who can bring a guest to the YMCA?

Members age 14 and older are allowed to bring a guest with them to the YMCA.

What are the guest fees?


  • Adult (age 18 and up): $10 per day
  • Student (age 17 and under, no child care): $5 per day
  • Child (5th grade and below, includes onsite child care*): $8 per visit


*Onsite child care is two hours maximum per day and the guest must be in the YMCA facility during this time. 


Please observe all pool rules posted at YMCA indoor and outdoor pools. If you have questions or need further assistance, please speak with an Aquatics staff member at your branch.

The top three rules at all YMCA pools are:

  • Leave all glass, alcohol and pets at home.
  • Inflatable items, such as water wings, inner tubes and rafts, are prohibited in YMCA pools.
  • Children and non-swimmers must be supervised by an adult age 18 and older at all times.

Swim Test and Swim Bands

Children in grades 8 and below can be tested in order to earn a swim band. The first swim band is free, and replacement bands can be purchased for $3. Swimmers not wearing swim bands must use the shallow end of the pool.

Swim Test Components

The swimmer must swim one length of the pool using front crawl or breaststroke with rhythmic breathing.

At the conclusion of the swim, the swimmer will tread water for 30 seconds.

After treading water, the swimmer will climb out of the pool on the side and do a deep water plunge, submerging and surfacing.

The lifeguard administering the test determines whether the swimmer has earned a band.


How do I make a change to my membership type?

If you have been a member for over six months, you may upgrade to any membership category without paying an additional joining fee

Changes made to membership types are pro-rated based on the date of the upgrade/downgrade and the new membership category pricing. You will be drafted these pro-rated fees in addition to your next monthly rate.

I need to put my membership on hold, what do I need to do?

Unfortunately, the YMCA is unable to place memberships on hold. Instead, your membership will be canceled and when rejoining the YMCA within six months, the joining fee is waived.

How do I change my personal information?

Please stop by, or call, your branch’s Welcome Center to update any changes to your personal information. You can also access and update your information through your YMCA online account here.


Do you offer financial assistance?

If you are having trouble with a YMCA membership due to financial circumstances, please take a minute to call or visit your YMCA branch and speak with a staff member about Financial Assistance. The YMCA helps hundreds of people each year with membership scholarships. 

What is the process to cancel my membership?

If you need to cancel your Y membership, please provide written documentation to your YMCA branch in person or the Customer Service Center by email no less than 15 days before your automatic payment withdrawal. Cancelation is not complete until written confirmation is provided by the YMCA.

You are responsible for checking your bank and credit card accounts to ensure that automatic payments have been stopped.

Rejoining, refunds & returned payments

If I decide to rejoin the YMCA, do I have to pay the joining fee again?

If rejoining the YMCA within six months, the joining fee is waived.

Can I get a refund for my dues and fees?

YMCA joining fees, membership dues and child care deposits are nonrefundable.

What happens if I have a returned payment?

The YMCA will attempt to collect all returned outstanding payments until they are paid in full. All returned drafts or checks are subject to a $25 collection fee. If two drafts are returned within six months, draft privileges may be revoked and all fees must be paid in advance.

If your draft is returned, it will be resubmitted on the YMCAs next draft date. Your financial institution may charge a fee for each unsuccessful draft attempt. The YMCA will not reimburse bank fees due to draft attempts.

If credit or debit card payments are rejected, it is your responsibility to contact your YMCA branch or Customer Service Center to resolve payment issues.


All members and guests are required to check-in at the Welcome Center or front desk. All members must have their membership card when checking in.


All members must adhere to the YMCA of the Triangle Member Code of Conduct / Codigo De Conducta Del YMCA.  

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