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Neighbor Zone Memberships

The Southeast Raleigh YMCA represents a unique partnership between the Y, the Southeast Raleigh Promise, the Wake County Public School System and our surrounding communities. To support our neighbors and communities,  the YMCA established a Neighbor Zone surrounding the Rock Quarry Road corridor.

To better support our neighbors living within the zone, we have established specific membership and program pricing. Zone rates are unique to home addresses located in the identified area, and are designed to encourage and support community members with access to our YMCA.

However, if you live in the zone, you don't have to use zone rates and you may elect to join at a standard or supporting rate. Please read our progress reports for more information about the impact of our community work.


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Neighbor Zone Membership Rates

Membership Type Joining Fee Monthly Rate
Young Adult(age 14 - 28) $10 $27.92
Young Adult with Dependents $10 $44.42
2 Young Adults $10 $55.85
2 Young Adults with Dependents $10 $73.41
Adult (age 29 - 64) $10 $33.76
Adult with Dependents $10 $50.90
2 Adults $10 $67.52
2 Adults with Dependents $10 $80.31
3 Adults $10 $97.48
3 Adults with Dependents $10 $113.22
Senior (age 65+) $10 $30.38
Senior with Dependents $10 $45.80
2 Seniors $10 $60.75
2 Seniors with Dependents $10 $72.28


If you do not live in a specific neighbor zone, you can still join the Southeast Raleigh YMCA.