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Supporting Education

Effective youth development requires a holistic approach that focuses on academic achievement, social-emotional learning and character development. As a strong community partner with the capacity to support schools and students, our Y provides innovative, evidence-informed programs and curriculums that work to close the opportunity gaps and to open new experiences.

Y Educators

Whether a child needs summer school with a side of camp or camp with a slice of academics, the Y is able to meet those needs at no cost to parents through Power Scholars and Camp Excel.


YMCA summer academic support programs supplement learning for students who struggle to reach school-system benchmarks. Power Scholars, in partnership with school districts, offers focused learning and enrichment opportunities. Camp Excel offers traditional camp activities, swim lessons and academic support.


These programs employ more than 60 state-licensed educators, who are driven by the passion to educate and inspire youth to reach their full potential.

"Exposure expands you. What I love about the YMCA is that they have incorporated that into their camp. It opens their minds to the possibilities ... and gives children opportunities that don't cost anything to the families."

Kimberly, Power Scholars curriculum coordinator