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Personalized Fundraising

The YMCA uses Classy, an online fundraising tool that allows you, the campaigner to create personalized giving pages. All campaigners are encouraged to create a personalized fundraising page from your YMCA's main campaign page listed below. 

Once you have created your page, make sure you customize it with pictures as well as your own YMCA story. Think about why the YMCA is important to you and what your reasons are to give to the YMCA. We have examples of other campaigner stories for ideas. 

Get started by selecting your YMCA below. 

Sample Fundraising Page Stories

Headline: Help me support the Taylor and Northwest Cary YMCAs Annual Campaign!

As you may know, the YMCA has been my home away from home for nearly 15 years now. What started as my first job after high school and during the summers has now become my career and passion. I love what I do at the Y, and this is largely because of the impact we are able to have on our local community.

Over the years, I have gained appreciation and understanding for the YMCA's Annual Campaign and what it does for our families in our area. The YMCA has found many needs within our own community and raises money each year to provide support.

I especially want to draw attention to our youth sports leagues, which are the programs that I oversee. Sports were a big part of my childhood and helped me learn what it means to experience success and failure as a team. Each year, the YMCA provides the opportunity for select children to participate in our leagues when they otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Please consider sending me another deserving child the chance to participate in youth sports this year at a cost of $97. There are several other programs supported by our campaign, some of which I am listing below. Every dollar counts and a donation of any quantity would be greatly appreciated!

Headline: Invest in the future of our community today! 

For the better part of 12 years, the Taylor (formerly Cary) Family YMCA helped shape who I am today.  Now I am fortunate enough to help lead the fundraising campaign.  I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my story.

At the age of 16, I got a part-time job that truly changed me, even if I didn't know if at the time. Over the next 12 years, I met my best friends, mentors, incredible families, and even my wife.  We always talk about the impact that the programs have on the participants but I can truly say that as a staff member, that impact was equally as great.  Without my YMCA experiences, there is no way that I would be the person I am today.  Now as I sit in a leadership position within the campaign I want to make sure everyone in the Cary community knows how important the YMCA is.  Whether you realize it or not, you have most certainly been impacted by the YMCA or one of its participants.  That is why I am asking for your help to make sure that the YMCA continues to positively impact our Cary community.

Please help me support the Taylor and Northwest Cary YMCAs Annual Campaign by making a donation through my page. 100% of every dollar given through the campaign is invested in the Cary community.  Whether it's an after school tutorial program, Summer Day Camp, a teen leadership program or a program for cancer survivors, the YMCA of the Triangle's impact is powerful. The YMCA provides opportunity and access for all - regardless of their ability to pay. Please consider joining me in investing in our community through the We Build People Annual Campaign.