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Youth & Government Packing: Tips and Tricks

by: Martha Greco

Finish your briefs, draft your opening statements, and get packing because Youth & Government is less than three weeks away! 

Packing for YAG can seem overwhelming as there is a “business-professional” dress code. On the conservative side, this top-end work attire avoids low-cut necklines, short bottoms, and cutouts. While this may seem daunting, the dress code is implemented to reflect professional workplace expectations and respect courtroom etiquette. For women, great options include professional pants, skirts, dresses, and blouses. A blazer to emphasize the formal dress code is the perfect finishing touch for a female outfit. For men, opt for a collared shirt, pants, and a jacket. Of course, the ongoing YAG debate of bowtie or tie is a key component of the male dress code. Things to avoid wearing during the working day session are jeans, athletic wear, and sweatpants. However, these are amazing options for relaxing in your room or Friday Fun Night. 

Pack your bright colors, and retro attire, and get ready to glow as this year's Friday Fun Night theme is 80s and 90s Retro Neon. During fun night the “business-professional” dress code does not apply and more casual clothes that fit the theme are worn. Think of it as something you would wear to your school football or basketball game-themed nights.

The Governor’s Gala on Saturday is a delegate's chance to dress up and enter the movies as the theme is Hollywood. The attire for the gala is semi-formal and resembles that of homecoming. Dresses and heels (if comfortable) are perfect for girls, and slacks, a jacket and a bowtie or tie are great for guys. Of course, don’t forget to pack a warm jacket as February in Raleigh can get pretty chilly. 
While the dress code is an important part of the conference, it should not hinder delegates' participation. We ask that you simply adhere to the dress code and most importantly have a fun time at the conference.