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Youth and Government: In-person conference returns

by Gabriella Zannis

This year we had the privilege of being in person for conference. Many delegates have a newfound appreciation for seeing everyone’s faces unmasked while arguing bills, giving speeches, and defending witnesses in mock trials.

While this is my third year in YAG, it is my first year attending in person. This means that I can attest to the fact that it is a refreshing change to be here in Raleigh all together again.

Regardless of its location, or lack thereof, YAG is an amazing, immersive organization, however, the environment of enthusiasm and community found within this conference is unique to an in-person experience.

I asked returning seniors questions regarding the differences between in-person and virtual conferences, as they are the sole class to have experienced YAG pre and post-COVID.

“Being back in person allows us to meet so many friendly people and have colorful debates. While I’m sure YAG online was productive and a valuable learning experience, being here in person lets us learn more fully and make new friendships,” senior Maria Delaney said.

Whatever your feelings concerning the disparities between virtual conference and in-person, it is undeniable that the two have many differences. I hope you each have taken advantage of this incredible in-person experience.