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Youth and Government: Friday fun night

by Eve Irwin
As the second day of the conference drew to a close, all three branches came together to enjoy Friday Fun Night, hosted in the Raleigh Convention Center. The theme of the night was Cowboys vs Aliens. Delegates did not disappoint with their wardrobe, from cow-print pants to an astronaut suit to an endless sea of cowboy hats, the ballroom was flooded with costumes.

To kick off the night, officers organized an array of exciting events for everyone to enjoy. Ballroom two hosted the dance floor, where delegates danced to songs like Cotton Eye Joe, the Wobble, and Cupid’s Shuffle. Delegates and officers let loose as they circulated through these line dances and formed a conga line. Ballroom three featured an array of inflatable games: an ax-throwing competition, a Hungry Hippos tournament, two basketball setups, and a blow-up obstacle course. There was also a glow in the dark bingo game being held in another room, where several prizes were provided for the winners.

Outside of the ballrooms, tables and food stands crowded the floor as delegates enjoyed a respite from the commotion inside. Delegates took photos together in front of a YAG poster via a photobooth. The photo booth provided fun props such as cowboy hats, balloons, and pompoms.

Several delegates shared where they purchased their outfits from and whether they preferred aliens or cowboys.

Delegates Morgan Hanks and Eleanor Marks dressed in matching alien-inspired outfits: the two wore silver skirts, shiny antenna headbands, and black leggings. When asked about their choice of costume, Morgan shared, “I thought there would be more flexibility with the alien costumes. There are so many options since there isn’t a specific criterion, so we wanted to take the chance to be creative.”

Sophomore Melanie Alonso Solano shared that her hat was from Zapateria Leon and her shirt was borrowed from her mom’s closet. Like Melanie, many others borrowed clothes from family members to dress for the occasion. Martha Pena Ruiz borrowed her sister’s shirt and Luciano Botta took his entire costume from his dad’s closet. All three delegates dressed as cowboys and shared their support for the theme.

The event began at 7:45 pm and ended at 9:50. Delegates were able to spend their time connecting with one another, trying different snacks, and celebrating their second day of the conference. Although the day may have been filled with tension and nerves, Friday Fun Night offered an opportunity for delegates to relax and recount their favorite moments from the day.