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Youth and Government: Community Impacts

by Owen Alford

While YAG delegates have absolutely made an impact so far this weekend, conference is not the only place for members to shine. The majority of delegates also participate in service projects and various activities around their own communities where they can lead by example and have positive effects on their hometowns.

When asking around at the Raleigh Convention Center, many delegates were given opportunities to boast similar extracurricular activities ranging from being a youth attorney or juror of their local teen court assembly to participating in or even leading debate teams at their schools. Skills nurtured within these organizations including public speaking, decision-making, and persuasion develop further at YAG and they help prove that our conference is home to those who will become our future leaders. Along with clubs, many delegates were able to showcase their roles on sports teams as many delegates interviewed are high ranking or even captains on their squad. This further shows that YAG is a place for leaders and upstanding youths.

On a more specific level, Cutter Morgan, a junior delegate from New Hanover High School in Wilmington, stood out and upheld the traits YAG members should have. When asked about his community service he informed, “I am active in a lot of different ways in my community. I am an Eagle Scout and a member of many clubs in my community such as feeding the homeless. I am a part of an organization that helps underprivileged elementary and middle school students get tutored to pass their end-of-grade exams and be prepared for high school.” While this quote and student are just one of many examples, it certainly sums up the type of delegates found at YAG, those being young adults who show dedication and passion to change their communities and world for the better.

It is a fact that the YAG conference is a fantastic opportunity for reputable teens across North Carolina to shine, but fantastic work in their communities by delegates gives Youth and Government a great name for itself, as members are helping change lives and become the leaders of tomorrow.