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Youth and Government: A closer look into governor campaigns

by Martha Greco 

As Youth Governor Noah Weyne leads the 31st Youth & Government Conference, the competition and search for the next leader is on. Weyne reminds delegates that the governorship is a role to serve the people and that it is crucial all participate in the election process. Here is a guide to your 32nd governor candidates for those still debating who to vote for.

Ready to bring the swag to YAG, Lucy Dimock is running to be your next Youth Governor. A delegate from New Hanover High School, Dimock is Vice-President of the student council, Co-Captain of the Varsity Girls’ tennis team, and sometimes even the school mascot. Not only would Dimock bring swag to YAG, but also leadership and coordination. With these skills, Dimock is ready to train officers on making chambers fair, democratic, and orderly as she emphasizes how essential Roberts Rules and Parli Pro are to conference. Dimock takes her love for YAG into the real world as her freshman bill passed Gov Cab and the North Carolina Senate. Eager to listen to others’ voices to make next year’s conference the best one yet, Dimock is keen to become your next youth governor.

Thinking of ideas while dreaming, Cooper Herrett is a double threat as your YAG-Hero and Youth Governor candidate. Former Speaker Pro Tempore and a current Presiding Officer, Herrett has a strong understanding of the interworkings of YAG. Attending Cape Fear Academy by the coast, Herrett loves to wakeboard, swim, and boat outside acting and YAGing. With exciting new ideas such as adding a live band to Friday Fun Night, expanding dining options to offer catering and food trucks, and connecting with other state programs like CONA and NJC, Herrett is ready to fill the “blank space.” Herrett is prepared to captain next year’s conference as he believes voting for him will bring dedication, passion, and openness to the North Carolina government.

Grab your popcorn because Springer Hiatt is trying to make her movie a reality by running for Youth Governor. A participant from Forsyth Country Day School, Hiatt has previously served as Speaker Pro Tempore and is the current Speaker of the House. Hiatt has become the leader she is today by observing and learning from the delegates before her. With this, Hiatt promises to listen to new ideas and lead by example. With organization, teamwork, and Parli Pro skills, Hiatt always remembers to thank the chair. Wanting to give back the love YAG has given her, Hiatt is hopeful of leading the YAG family next year.

Looking to build a YAG community like his Minecraft world, Ethan McMinn is a candidate for Youth Governor. A delegate from Ravenscroft High School, McMinn loves watching Netflix, hanging out with his dog, and participating in YAG. On a mission to support all program areas, McMinn wants to pair similarly minded delegates to write bills and host a second virtual preconference, so all participants feel confident in themselves. McMinn is a seasoned YAGer who has served as a lobbyist and budget analyst and even had his bill passed through Gov Cab. Working together while having fun and learning about the government process is how McMinn hopes to win the role of Youth Governor.