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Youth and Government: Bills that will make you look twice

by Gabriella Zannis

Legislative delegates have been working hard on bills to be presented this weekend since Pre-Conference in October. Some of these bills deserve a chuckle.

For Taylor Swift fans, I’m sure a state holiday would be praised! If you want a state holiday for the musical star, thank bill authors from West Carteret High School. These bill authors hope to implement a holiday for the pop culture icon each year on her birthday, December 13. If you’re not a “Swiftie”, just pretend; you don’t want any “Bad Blood.”

Our next shoutout goes to the bill “Why Clock When You Can Cluck.” If you each enjoy the chicken dance as much as I do, this bill is definitely a winner! A staple at middle school dances, comedic half-time shows, and even National Chicken Dance Day, May 14, the motion to change the state dance to the chicken dance is highlighted in this bill. The current state dance is clogging, and who has even heard of clogging?

While some love the infamous Pit Vipers, bill authors from the YMCA of High Point did not share the same enthusiasm. Their bill proposes the prohibition of Pit Vipers within schools. This will be enforced by administrators, and if violated, students will be asked to immediately remove these controversial sunglasses. A hideous creation or a bold fashion statement? The debate on Pit Vipers is in the hands of democracy.

The next bill may be a fan favorite as it concerns a precious time of day that we all cherish: nap time. “Sweet Dreams for North Carolina Students” proposes a mandatory rest period for all public schools. Are you ever sleepy after lunch and stuck in a “food coma” as my teachers used to call it? According to this bill, students would receive a 25-minute resting period after lunchtime.

Follow these bills and more as the conference progresses in the Raleigh Convention Center. Amazing job to all of the bill authors! Keep up the great work!