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Your 2024 Lieutenant Governor Candidates

By Martha Greco

Candidates are busy campaigning to become leaders in the 2024-2025 YAG conference and one key role is Lieutenant Governor. In charge of leading the Senate chamber, the Lieutenant Governor must understand parliamentary procedure, the YAG program, and how to foster an inclusive environment.

From North Raleigh Christian Academy, Jinhee Frecker is ready to be a familiar face and friend as your future Lieutenant Governor. As a current Presiding Officer, Frecker has learned while on the job more about the program, campaigning, and politics in general. Wanting to grow the program and make a difference while of course having fun, Frecker hopes you vote her for LT.

A junior from R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, Lilly Zaks is bringing a broad perspective as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. As Student Body Vice President, News Editor, and a member of the soccer team Zaks is active in her school community. Hoping to continue and expand the inclusive and diverse YAG community, Zaks hopes you vote Lilly Z for LT.

From West Carteret High School by the coast Addie Hernandez is ready to be your next Lieutenant Governor. With experience from the Conference on National Affairs, Hernandez gained a new perspective on the program and what it means to be a leader. Ready to navigate challenges, work together towards change and make sure everyone feels represented at the table, Hernandez wants to secure your vote as she says “you’ll never find another like me.”