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YAG Executive Officer Excitement & Enlightenment

By Martha Greco

It’s officially Youth & Government month and the countdown is on. As delegates are busy practicing Parli Pro and finalizing their opening statements, officers have been actively arranging details for the conference. This year will be the first in-person conference for many participants. With that may come traveling nerves, anxiety over bill presentations, and stress about Mock Trial cases. Nevertheless, our Executive Officers are here to supply assurance that YAG is meant to be fun. 

As a veteran of the program, Governor Noah Weyne is looking forward to reuniting with YAG friends in downtown Raleigh this year. “I am most excited to see everyone in person again,” Weyne said. “YAG is truly about friendships and I cannot wait to see everyone make friends that will last lifetimes.”

In order to form these friendships Weyne emphasizes stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new fellow participants. “I would also tell every delegate to reach out to new people that they don’t know,” Weyne said. 

After long days of debates, bill deliveries, and providing budget analysis, delegates get to let loose at the Governor’s Gala and Friday Fun Night. Whether in an intricate masquerade mask, a festive cowboy hat, or alien attire, this aspect of the weekend is what Speaker of the House Springer Hiatt is looking forward to. “My favorite part of YAG weekend is probably going to be the dances,” Hiatt said. “I expect everyone to be super creative with the themes we picked this year.”
YAG is all about taking risks whether with dance theme outfits or speaking out in the chambers. Hiatt knows firsthand how much taking risks can positively impact a YAG experience. “My biggest piece of advice to give to someone new to YAG is to take risks,” Hiatt said. “Speaking when you’re scared to can actually be one of the best decisions you make. Be confident and don’t hold back.”
As the calendar days continue to count down, remember to come to YAG with an open mind, a positive attitude, and a willingness to participate and try new things, because you never know where these experiences might take you.