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Seniors Favorite Memories from Past Y&G Conferences

By Eve Irwin

As the 2022-23 Youth and Government conference approaches, seniors can’t help but remember their first in-person conference in 2020. While the past two years may have been exciting and new via Zoom, delegates are ecstatic to return to the in-person conference. Many seniors were happy to share their memories from their 2020 conference experience in Raleigh.
Michelle Cruzat, Vice President of the Legislative Branch at Early College of Forsyth, recalls her favorite moments from the 2020 YAG Conference. “Because of the hosted events, there were so many opportunities to meet and connect with other delegates. I assumed the conference was going to be extremely strict, so it was a nice surprise to see how fun the parties were. My favorite memories were taking tons of photos in the photo booth with different delegates and attending events like the Governor’s Gala and Friday Fun Night. Despite what happened in the courtrooms and committees, the feuds and tension washed away the minute the events started.”
Senior President of the Legislative Branch at Early College of Forsyth, David Calderon had his own memories to share. “It’s completely different in-person; there was more time to talk with your peers and your delegation, especially in the hotel rooms. I remember procrastinating the work that had to be ready the next morning and gathering with all my friends to hurry and finish it. It was a little more intimidating than online conferences, but it’s a lot more memorable too. I’m excited for all YAG members as they experience their first in-person conference!”
The last in-person conference made a positive impression on all seniors who attended when they were freshmen. The 2023 conference will welcome another set of YAG members as they have the chance to connect with one another and present their work.