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Scholastic Support Center Reimbursements Available

Parents may be eligible for a reimbursement available to help families pay for unanticipated child care costs during remote schooling. This funding for this reimbursement is provided by the state of North Carolina and Wake County.

If your family qualifies and if you have paid program fees for a YMCA Scholastic Support Center program, you may receive a refund of up to $516 per child, per month. The exact amount of your refund is based on how much you paid.

We encourage everyone who had unexpected child care expenses related to remote school this fall to apply for a refund. You may be eligible regardless of the number of days your child attended.

How to Apply

As the funding for this comes from both North Carolina and Wake County, you must submit two applications.

North Carolina Application
This is a simple two-page document that will ask for basic information about your family and children. There is a Spanish and English version. You will need to return this application via email to the YMCA at YMCAWakeSupports@ymcatriangle.org.

Wake County Application
This online application can be found on the Wake Supports website. It will confirm your dates of YMCA Scholastic Support Center programs and the names and ages of your children who attended. This application will ask for a provider email. Please use YMCAWakeSupports@ymcatriangle.org.

Approval and Refund

Once both applications are submitted and approved, the state and county will provide the YMCA with documentation of your approval. The YMCA will then contact you to verify the information. You will need to sign and return the documentation back to the YMCA.

After we have your signed documentation, the YMCA will start processing your refund. Refund checks will be issued and should be processed within 60 days from when we receive your signed documentation.

Currently, parents may request refunds for program expenses through December 2020. Refund qualifications include attendance, so we cannot process refunds before payment of services and the end of the month.

We are excited to partner with Wake County and the state of North Carolina to offer our parents a little financial relief during this extraordinary time.