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Raleigh Convention Center Runway: YAG Fashion

by Martha Greco

Youth & Government may be centered around bills, briefs and budget analysis but in reality, it is a fashion show. Bowties, blazers and boots fill the Raleigh Convention Center as everyone is dressed to the nines in business formal attire. While adhering to a strict dress code, participants have found unique ways to express their personal style whether it be with jewelry, shoes, or a fun pop of color.

Leading the fashion wave are delegates from West Carteret High School who used local boutiques to find their stylish outfits. With this snazzy apparel, some WCHS students even coordinated looks with friends like Sofia Mason and Kate Ford did.

“Our inspiration is from each other because we are both wearing green dresses and matching colors,” Mason said.

One major source of anxiety before the conference aside from preparing cases and opening summations can be where to find clothes for YAG. With business casual and business formal dress codes, the shopping world for conferences can be hard to navigate. Having conquered this hurdle by visiting a series of stores WCHS Delegate Katelyn Kourtsounis dons business formal chic in a pink ensemble.

“Mine is from TJ Maxx, Plato's Closet and Salvation Army,” Kourtsounis said.

Similar to Kourtsounis, other delegates relied on TJ Maxx, Ross and second-hand stores to not only be kind to the environment but also in order to stay on budget. However many participants didn’t even need to leave the comfort of their homes to find attire as their conference wear was from a parent’s wardrobe.

“My inspiration is my mom and everything is from her closet,” Reynolds High School Delegate Alice Neelon said.

In contrast to finding outfit inspiration from parents, many used Pinterest and current government leaders for guidance. Reynolds High School Delegate Sophie Johnson looked to Congresswomen for example and Garner Road Community Center Delegate Jayen Hymans focused on her idol U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As the weekend continues we can’t wait to see what other business formal fashion will appear next on the RCC’s runway.