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A New Learning Landscape

As the landscape of learning continues to change, the YMCA remains committed to serving you and your child through extended learning opportunities before school, after school and the times in between.

Navigating a New Way of Learning

In recent weeks, local school systems decided to rely on remote learning for the start of the school year. We know you have questions about how you can work while also supporting your children's virtual learning.

"All of our children suffered learning loss due to the abrupt end of in-class learning and the transition to remote options," said Kim Keith, YMCA of the Triangle Vice President of Youth Development.

During a typical school year, learning setbacks that students commonly experience over the summer can wipe out one - two months of academic growth. But new studies report that due to COVID-19, learning loss could be much more extreme.

Collaborating for Student Growth

"At the Y, we are working in partnership with local school systems to ensure that families will have flexible, affordable options for the time their children are out of school," said Keith.

We will continue to offer Before School and After School. Options will be more flexible to align with the new school schedules. We will also open YMCA Scholastic Support Centers, a program and a location where your K - 8 student can go to participate in their online school classes.

During COVID-19, the YMCA of the Triangle developed a number of remote-learning programs like YMCA Learning Lab and Ready4School to support students and their families.

"We know that parents rely on the YMCA to support children through a variety of programs." said Keith. "We will expand and adapt existing YMCA options and are in the process of developing a new curriculum to meet the needs of families during this time."

2020-21 YMCA School Programs