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Meet Your New Branch Director: Matt Lilley

Meet the Branch Director: Matt Lilley

The Alexander Family Y is pleased to welcome our new Executive Branch Director, Matt Lilley! Although Matt is not new to Alexander, he is new to this leadership role and we wanted to get to know him a little better. Here’s what we learned:  

What are some of your greatest personal and professional accomplishments that have led you to accepting this new role?

Personally, I have great support from friends and family. I don’t know if that’s as much an accomplishment as it is just lucky.  Professionally, I have worked with incredible individuals who are driven by the vision of the Y. 

What are some short and long-term goals you have for the Alexander Family YMCA? 

Short term, we are going to work toward solidifying our relationship with the three YMCA’s in our corridor (Alexander, Poyner and Southeast Raleigh YMCA’s) so that we can grow to serve the entire downtown Raleigh corridor. Long-term, I’d like for the Y to find places to collaborate in developing  solutions to  emerging challenges in our community. 

What have you loved most so far about working with the Alexander community? 

This part of Raleigh is unique. If you look around our wellness floor, you see men and women who have been members since the 60’s and have built a legacy that their children and grandchildren are now carrying on. And then you have all of these people who have recently moved to Raleigh who bring a sense of newness.

What is something that you think the Alexander Family YMCA already does well or is already known for? 

We are also known for being a place that you go build relationships. Last week, I talked to a man in his 20’s who moved here from New York. He told me he doesn’t even wear his headphones when he works out any more because he doesn’t want to miss out on the conversations he has here, and I thought that was incredible.  

Is there anything else that the Alexander YMCA’s members should be excited to know about you? 

I love this branch. At this point, I have led summer camp, youth programs, wellness, sports, membership, been an associate and am now a branch director all at the same branch. I always wondered where leadership opportunities might take me at the Y and am thrilled that it’s right here in this community.