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Meet the 2025 Speaker of the House Candidates

By: Kate Krouse and Sammey Malik

The 32nd YAG Conference wraps up its candidates for next year with speeches from the potential 33rd Speaker of the House! Earlier today, we were fortunate enough to listen to the thoughts and opinions of five exceptional candidates. Here’s a summary of what they had to share.

A sophomore at Reynolds High School, Helen Wilson is ready to take on anything! As student body secretary, she has adopted many qualities of a leader. She is open-minded, and she likes to focus on giving everyone a voice. Last year, her bill passed through all chambers, growing her passion for the program at the Freshman Forum. At the forum, she recognized how she could spark change and became inspired to run for this position.

Representing NRCA, Caroline Newell wants to challenge herself by stepping out of her comfort zone and taking on this leadership role. She’s the student council secretary and is a part of the Note In The Pocket Teen Board. Her bill from last year is now in the YAG handbook from the Freshman Forum! Caroline hopes to grow from this experience if chosen as your next speaker of the house.

Emma Cuthrell is a Country Day School sophomore who is passionate about all things pink and pretty! Emma hopes to develop strong relationships with those whom she will work with. She is a firm believer in making mistakes and learning from them. She translates her values to athletics as the president of a group dedicated to supporting local soccer teams and being the captain of her school and club volleyball teams.

As sophomore president of his school student council, Kaid Muhammad Myers, presents himself with confidence, compassion, and knowledge. The potential of the YAG program inspires him, and he hopes to be elected to be a part of growing the conference further. He plans to use his team-building skills to ensure every member feels heard, valued, and supported. As speaker of the house, he promises to collaborate with other government leaders.

Corrina Basta attends New Hanover High School and aims to make YAG an exciting, inviting, and enlightening experience! She is part of the Varsity Tennis and Track Team at her high school, and she serves as the secretary for Women in STEM. Her presence on the board of the National Charity League gives her experience in leadership, and she hopes to collaborate with all delegates for the betterment of YAG.