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Get Ready for Friday Fun Night 2024

By: Kate Krouse and Sammey Malik

Excitement fills the air on the first full day of YAG as anticipation builds for Friday Fun Night! It's time to amp up the energy with your brightest neon attire and accessories. Here's what our fellow delegates eagerly anticipate for tonight's festivities.

What are you wearing? 
We will ditch the jackets and dresses tonight and show up in full neon gear. Delegates plan to let loose with bright-colored clothes, some including a neon orange worker's vest. If so inclined, delegates might stay professional but spice it up with a new tie!

What are you most excited about tonight? 
Everyone is eager for the inflatables tonight! We are excited to enjoy the live music from one of our high school bands and spend time with friends. Of course, everyone looks forward to the dancing, so don't be afraid to hit the electric dance floor and show off your moves!

What are you looking forward to as we continue YAG weekend? 
Delegates are thrilled about the Hollywood-themed Gala on Saturday night and the delicious dinner beforehand. The legislative branch is eager to present their bills, just as mock trial branches are thrilled about their attempt to go far into the all-star round. We are also anxiously awaiting the election results. This is your reminder: EXERCISE THAT RIGHT TO VOTE!! It's so important and every vote matters.

We hope you're excited for Friday Fun Night and the weekend ahead!