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Chatham Member Spotlight

We're regularly inspired by our members, and M.R. is one of those special individuals that make up our Chatham YMCA family. She has committed to major lifestyle changes and we appreciate her sharing her wellness journey!

"I have recently lost over one hundred pounds. I did it for the beauty, but also for the health, strength and energy. The Chatham YMCA has helped me tremendously in this effort.

"Working out at the YMCA helped me focus my work-outs and provided me with a point to look to, toward which to exercise and walk. It helped me get out in the sunshine and fresh air and around people. It helped me get into the mindset of prioritizing self-care and my own strength and stamina above other things upon which I could be wasting time.

"I find the YMCA in Pittsboro conveniently located and it has all that I need to work out well frequently. It is well-ventilated and the temperature is always appropriate. While working out there, attending spiritual meetings and working with a nutritionist through my medical provider, I have lost the last twenty of the 100 pounds plus that I have lost in the past few years.

"The most important things that helped me accomplish this goal were organizations, the people that I met therein and the information, like pointers, and emotional support and friendship that I gleaned from them. In addition to the YMCA, the two most helpful groups of people that I engaged with were Structure House and Overeaters Anonymous.

"I cannot underestimate the importance of forming good relationships and having good social support in my life, especially with reference to my weight loss accomplishment.

"Learning to exercise is an ongoing process. Exercise has become a way of life to me. I honestly have days where I cannot really escape pain and grumpiness until I get to that workout. I really enjoy it and I can feel many improvements in my health and well-being that are due to working out many times weekly. It is now easier to walk, to breathe and to relate to people. 

"Every day, I enjoy working out at the YMCA and knowing that I can build better muscle tone. Even though I am not getting any younger, I can still get better day by day."

We're so thankful to be a part of M.R.'s story! Every journey is unique, and the Y is here to help you reach your goals. In addition to those supportive programs that M.R. shared, Y Health Programs are great options for finding community and guidance.