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Anticipation for Delegation Arrivals

by Tyler Beacham

The 2023 Youth & Government officers flocked to the Raleigh Convention Center on Wednesday, February 15. The halls of the RCC are desolate before the conglomeration of students from delegations from across the state’s arrive this afternoon. For the first time since 2020, YAG students will occupy the Sheraton and Marriott Hotels adjacent to the RCC, preparing for court cases, scanning Senate Bills, and composing arguments and rebuttals. Delegates too will celebrate hard work and achievement at the Friday Fun Night and Masquerade Ball.

Soon, grand ballrooms, enclave corners, and small group rooms will be filled with the banging of gavels, clicks of keyboards, and opinionated discussions. Officers could not be more excited.

Officers have been anticipating the arrival of our peers as we set up the three-day conference. Participants are especially enthusiastic, as it is most of their first experiences at YAG in person. Most of all, we are excited to see all of you. Delegates who dedicate time to this program, sharing opinions and ideas, are what make YAG so special for so many people.

“The people are what makes YAG what it is. Our community is unlike any other,” Social Media Editor Cate Hettinger said.

As you make the trek cross-state (or possibly within your city), to our capital, remind yourselves of the lasting memories, experiences, and accomplished feelings you will come away with by the time we are dismissed Sunday afternoon. Your officers cannot wait to see you in a few short hours!