Meet Your Camp Director: Samantha Grubb

Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Camp is almost here and we could not be any more excited! Camp Knightdale Station's staff is already planning another terrific, fun-filled summer. We had the opportunity to talk with Camp Director, Samantha Grubb, about what summertime in Knightdale means to her. 

"I have been working for the YMCA for about six years," says Samantha. "But summer camp is what made me fall in love with the Y. I love summer camp, kids, and I have a passion for the Y. The relationships that I have with my staff and campers are what truly make me passionate about camp. I feel like I have another family!"

Samantha has experience working for a few different YMCA programs over the years, but she considers Camp Knightdale Station her home. "At Camp Knightdale Station, I've been able to learn so much about each camper and build so many amazing relationships with their families! It's important to me that summer camp provides each camper a place that will help them build relationships and make a difference in their lives."

Summer Camp is a place where everybody can create memories that will last a lifetime, staff included! When asked what brings Samantha to camp year after year, she recalled a story from her very first summer as a camp counselor. "There was a camper in my group who was sometimes hard to handle, but when you took the time to get to know him, he was amazing! He loved Michael Jackson and spent a lot of his time showing off his incredible dance moves. It made me so happy to see him doing something he loved. I will always remember him and I hope he will always remember me!" It's amazing to see the little things that can make a big impression at summer camp. 

Samantha's favorite part of the camp day is "Huddle Time," which is a great opportunity for campers and staff to build relationships and really get to know one another. "Giving out beads, doing devotionals, and just talking about life builds a certain level of trust. This trust helps camp staff shape the campers into the people they will become. Our goal is to teach every camper about the YMCA characters traits so that they can go on to teach them to their friends and family. It's our way of building a legacy!" 

While Samantha has been around camp for years now, she knows that it can be a bit nerve-wracking for a first-time camp parent. "If you're a first-time camp parent, I would say just simply ask your child what they did at camp each and every day. Ask them about their highs AND their lows. We want every camper to celebrate the good times they had at camp with their families! We also want to know if we can ever change for the better! Whatever we can do to help us build better relationships with your child, bring it on!"

Camp gets started on June 12 and there are still open slots available. Click here to learn more about camp and get registered. We look forward to seeing you soon!