Meet our Aquatics Director, Katie Holmes

Monday, May 21, 2018

We're ready to jump into summer at the YMCA at Knightdale Station! Let's get to know our Aquatics Director, Katie Holmes. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a recent graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. I have been with YMCA of the Triangle for two years. I'm originally from Greensboro, NC, where I was involved with the YMCA for the last 17 years as a member participating in YMCA sports, such as soccer and basketball. The YMCA has helped me grow as a leader and person and continues to help me develop my skills in a variety of functions.

why do you love working at The YMCA?

I love working at the YMCA because it is truly a safe space where members and program participants can come and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Additionally, working at the YMCA is more than just lifeguarding, being a camp counselor, etc. It provides you with an opportunity to impact someone’s life for the better by being a friendly face or assisting staff to develop new traits and attributes that they can apply to the home, school, or their future careers. I love Knightdale too! It's a great, growing community!

what are some of your best swimming memories?

I learned to swim by taking classes at the Guilford College YMCA in Greensboro, now known as the Spears YMCA. I was also a member of the Lawndale Lizards Summer Swim Team at Lawndale Swim & Tennis, where I practiced and competed for 13 years. In regards to “first memories” of swimming, my family takes a beach trip every year to Atlantic Beach, NC. My favorite memories of swimming have come from the beach. Specifically, my dad would take us out in the ocean on an inflatable tugboat and it became a challenge for him to try and push my siblings and me into the waves and flip the tugboat over.

what's your favorite part of working with ymca members?

My favorite thing about working with YMCA members is that each one has a new story to tell. You have the opportunity to learn about new experiences through every member that walks in the door. The YMCA would not be what it is today without its continued support from members and program participants.

what advice do you have for someone visiting the ymca in knightdale for the first time?

My advice to first-time swimmers at Knightdale is to relax and have fun! The pool is not meant to be a scary place. The Aquatics Department at Knightdale is here to support you in all your swimming needs and we are excited to have you with us this summer!