YMCA of the Triangle

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Family Activities

Whether you're on vacation, visiting family for the holidays or away from the Y for other reasons, we've got fun activities that the entire family can take part in. Be sure to come back and visit often as we continue to update our content!

Blind Fold Art

Join Amanda from Northwest Cary YMCA for blindfold art. Grab a family member, paper, markers and a blindfold and start guessing each other's art. 

Paper Plate Turtle

Join Ishani from Parkside After School and create a paper plate turtle.

Scratch Art

Join Miss Makayla for a fun arts & craft project that the entire family can take part in!

Two Truths and a Lie

Who's telling the truth? Who's making up a story? Let Matt and Austin from the Finley Y teach you this fun game you can play with the entire family!

Boom Chicka Boom

Join Spotted Turtle, Gongabear and Swift Arrow from Y Guides and sing along with this classic camp song!

Homemade Lava Lamp

Join Chris from the Kraft Family YMCA, and his children for a fun craft everyone can take part in!


Play this fun game, which only needs a pen or pencil and paper. The whole family can play!

Outside Activities for Little Ones

Join Shelby from the Kraft Family Y for some fun games for the little ones in your family!

Stick Devotion

Join Alex for a quick devotion to learn about how much stronger we are when we stick together.

Hidden Numbers Devotion

Can you figure out the hidden number? Learn about focusing on the BIG picture with Kevin from the Chatham Y.

Beaver Song

Join Matthew from the Poole & Johnston County YMCA's for this repeat-after-me Beaver Song.

Trivia Challenge

Test your knowledge with a Trivia Challenge! Hobie from the Poole and Johnston County YMCA's has some fun facts - see how many you know.

Grover Story Time

It's storytime with Rebecca! Today we're reading a book about our furry monster friend, Grover.