Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Is healthy eating one of your resolutions for 2018? YMCA dietitian Mandy Holliday has put together a few helpful tips for maintaining a healthy diet:

One of the most popular resolutions for the New Year is to lose weight. In order to make this possible, many folks will go in search of the right diet. After a season of indulgence, overly restricted diets seem like the appropriate course. However, the word diet comes from the Latin word dieta which means “way of living.” The most effective diets are those that may be followed for the long term. Below are a few tips on finding the right diet that will best suit your way of life.

Nutritionally complete 

When searching for the right diet, make sure it provides a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Some diet plans may exclude whole food groups and in the process leave out important nutrients. If you are eating a variety of plant-based foods, you are most likely meeting your nutritional needs. To assess your eating plan, try out diet trackers such as MyFitnessPal and SuperTracker located on Choose MyPlate. If you need a more in-depth assessment, consider scheduling an appointment with a dietitian.


 A simple diet is an easy-to-follow diet. It can be very tempting to fall into the all-or-nothing trap of dieting. Often we want to go big or go home. This mindset makes diets that avoid certain foods or whole food groups very attractive. Such eating plans and their effects are often short-lived. A simple, healthy diet may only require a few changes to your current way of life. One approach may involve picking a few easy-to-reach goals. Simple goals may include reducing your intake of sugary beverages, increasing your intake of veggies by ½ cup, or eating a serving of fatty fish such as salmon or tuna once a week.


Part of healthy eating is enjoying what you eat. Food is not our whole life, but it does make up a big part of it. Who wants to be miserable thinking about what they are eating for dinner? Many folks often think healthy eating means boring and no flavor. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Finding different ways to prepare foods can make a big difference. Remember variety is the spice of life! Sites such as and are great resources for finding healthy and interesting recipes.

Mandy ( can typically be found in the lobby of the Taylor Family YMCA on Wednesday mornings 9-11 a.m. and evenings 5-7 p.m. providing helpful nutrition information and yummy recipe ideas. You may also schedule an appointment with her for a per-hour fee to discuss your healthy lifestyle goals and develop a plan that best fits you. For more information on nutrition counseling with the Y, click here.