Meet Your Camp Renaissance Director!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Rodney is the Camp Director of Camp Renaissance in Southeast Raleigh! Rodney has been working at the YMCA for eight years and he said his decision to make a career of working at the Y is because of camp- “I get to build relationships with people ages four to forty-four (plus!). I have an opportunity to be myself, laugh and receive hugs EVERY DAY.”

Rodney’s first memories of camp include the “Ro-Dangle Rodeo” (You’ll have to ask him to explain that one) or singing Christmas songs on the way back from a field trip with some middle school campers. But by far, Rodney’s favorite part of camp is assembly. “All the kids are together, laughing, yelling and singing- you can’t beat that!” Rodney’s advice for first-time camp parents is to LABEL EVERYTHING. As much as we encourage kids to be responsible here at the Y, having labels on belongings helps us to return items to campers and out of the lost and found!