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Fitness Tools

The YMCA is offering a wearable heart rate tracker that will motivate you, connect you with others, and help you reach your wellness goals. The Myzone wearables will be available for sale beginning in February.

When you use your Myzone wearable you can see your effort, heart rate, and calories burned in our fitness studios.

Myzone is a wearable heart rate tracker that supports and motivates you to be more physically active, be part of a community, and makes fitness more fun! Myzone shows your effort, heart rate, and calories burned in real-time while working out on your own, with friends in your favorite group fitness classes, or while reaching your wellness goals with your personal trainer.

The YMCA will begin teaching group fitness classes that incorporate Myzone technology in early spring. Y members who are wearing Myzone belts can see their efforts and activity levels in the classes. Our fitness instructors will also teach specific classes for Myzone later in the spring. 


YMCA members can purchase a Myzone belt for $80 (a $149.99 value) online or at the Welcome Center for the following locations, A.E. Finley, Alexander, Kraft, Northwest Cary and Poole YMCAs. Myzone belts can be worn during any workout and progress and effort can be tracked and maintained in the Myzone app. 

Heart Rate Tracker

Myzone offers 99.4% EKG accuracy, connects with other wearable devices, and allows you to earn points, gain status rankings, and compete with friends. The World Health Organization has partnered with Myzone to help you know when you have reached the recommended weekly guidelines for physical activity through the Myzone Effort Points system. There is no other heart rate tracker on the market that will let you know if you are meeting the minimum recommendations for cardiovascular fitness.

Myzone helps you stay motivated and connected with your fitness community whether you are working out in or outside of your local YMCA. Challenge yourself, challenge your family, and challenge your community to be healthier with Myzone.