Youth Challenge Basketball

YMCA Challenge Basketball is the next level of YMCA youth basketball. Our Challenge program emphasizes individual player development, structured professional coaching and in-house tournaments.

Challenge is a more competitive program than YMCA youth recreational basketball. It focuses on improving each individual's play in a team setting.

Our Y Challenge Basketball program consists of team/ league play as well as clinics.

Training Sessions

Our training sessions are five or ten weeks and focus on specific player needs. Current offerings include a Player’s Offensive Training, a Ball-Handling Training and a Shooter’s Training.

Our clinics focus on teaching the game, reading and recognizing court action and breaking the game down from one-on-one to five-on-five situations. Clinics are taught by local, professional basketball coaches, not YMCA volunteers.

Player’s offensive training

Designed for players in grade 3 – 8, this clinic focuses on helping players develop as individuals, rather than coaching a team as a whole. Players spend time reading and recognizing action on the court. You can expect professional coaching, low player to coach ratios and plenty of ball handling time. (five weeks)

Ball-Handling Training

This session puts the attention on ball-handling skills and techniques. Through instruction and drills, coaches help players to improve their skills. Players will take place in one or two half-time shows at area sports events. (10 weeks)

Shooters Training

This clinic improves shooting techniques and helps to increase overall scoring opportunities. Coaching covers strategies around offensive play and maneuvers. (10 weeks)

Team Leagues

Our Youth Challenge Basketball teams play a 12-week season with some local travel (usually to other YMCAs in the Triangle). There are three intramural tournaments. Professional coaches will focus on intermediate and advanced skills and strengthening team play. Offensive and defensive skills and drills will be taught. There are usually about eight teams in a league.

Where We Play

Y Challenge basketball is currently offered at the A.E. Finley YMCA, Alexander Family YMCA, Kerr Family YMCA, Kraft Family YMCA and the Taylor Family YMCA.