Personal Training

YMCA Personal Training is a one-on-one, one hour time with a personal fitness trainer. Our personal trainers are educated professionals often with years of experience who can help any YMCA member including working professionals, new moms, seniors and triathletes. YMCA personal trainers come from as many different backgrounds and walks of life as our members do, and we take great care in matching members with the right personal trainer. 

Your initial visit includes a review of your health history, lifestyle and goals. Your personal trainer can then help you achieve goals through one-on-one attention, accountability and expertise. 

YMCA personal training is held at the YMCA, on land or in the water and incorporates many different elements and equipment.

YMCA Members can purchase Personal Training sessions individually, or in blocks of five or ten sessions. Additionally, Y members can partner up and share personal training. No more than 4 people at once.


Individual Training
$57 (one session)
$255.50 (five sessions)
$481.40 (ten sessions)

Partner Training (up to 4 people)
$39 (one session)
$174.80 (five sessions)
$329.40 (ten sessions)
Price is per person.

Find A Personal Trainer

Alex Patnesky

I am a NASM certified personal trainer. I can help you lose weight, gain strength and improve your overall health. My specialty areas are teens, weight loss, beginners and athletes.

Ami Hoy

I graduated with a degree in exercise and sport science and Spanish from UNC, and I am a NSAM certified personal trainer and a AFAA certified Yoga and group exercise instructor. I have expertise in transitioning people from a rehabilitation setting back to every day activities. I am passionate about holistic health and wellness and focus my training on the individual and their goals. I believe exercise is a gift to enjoy and great medicine that affects body, mind and spirit. I live and train under these encouragements: "Embrace where you are," and "Begin again each day."

Amy Scott

I have been certified as an AFFA personal trainer, in TRX and to run LIVESTRONG at the Y. I enjoy working with those new to exercise, particularly women. My goal is for clients to feel confident and strong in the gym and to become independent in their exercise routines. I always provide personalized and detailed workouts after each session to that clients will be able to refer to them whenever needed. I believe that the more invested people are in their health and wellness, the more likely they will be successful in the long-term. 

Ana Cardia

Ana has been a NASM Certified Personal Trainer for 2 years along with a MS in Nutrition and is a true health and fitness enthusiast with a positive approach to training! Muscle development, core training, strength and conditioning, along with nutrition tips and ideas are some of her areas of expertise. She is ready to help you find your passion and make your time at the gym both efficient and fun!

She enjoys lifting weights, running, indoor climbing, biking, meditating, cooking, going to church, being outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends. Ana is married, has a 15 year old son, and the cutest dog ever named Kobe!

Credentials: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, MS Nutrition, TRX Suspension Trainer and Group Trainer certified, ACE Strength and Conditioning, NASM SAQ (Integrated speed, agility and quickness), NASM Integrated Resistance Training.

Andrea Baker

My interest in wellness began as a young adult when I took a weight lifting class in college. I loved the feeling of being able to become physically stronger, and with the knowledge I gained, I eventually (it took a while) lost 40 pounds of fat. I had to again lose 40 pounds after my pregnancy. These experiences led to a love of strength training and other fitness modalities, as well as a keen appreciation of, and empathy for the challenges one faces while trying to achieve and maintain a healthy body. I truly believe, and science continues to prove that “Exercise is Medicine (ACSM)” and that exercise is an essential component of long-term health and wellness. I look forward to working with adults of all abilities to design effective fitness programs tailored to address specific goals and challenges. Some of these may include: improving mobility, balance and stability, increasing muscular strength and endurance, losing fat and/or gaining lean tissue correcting muscle imbalances and achieving and maintaining overall fitness.


Personal Training | YMCA


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