101 Classes

The YMCA 101 series are designed to get you started with our group fitness classes.

The 101 series is offered for approximately eight weeks, have easy, beginner modifications and instructors show up extra early to help you with equipment, questions, technique or form.

101 classes are part of 300 additional free group fitness classes offered Triangle-wide for YMCA members. 

A YMCA 101 Class is designed for YMCA members who are new to group fitness classes. You can expect to find a welcoming instructor and a non-intimidating class structure. 

Instructors arrive at 101 classes early to help new members get acclimated, adjust equipment or demonstrate a technique. Classes will be taught with modifications for those who are more experienced as well. 

YMCA 101 classes are indicated in the group fitness schedules.You can find examples and descriptions below. 101 classes are usually offered for eight weeks.

Total Body Strength 101

Total Body Strength makes use of a full lot of equipment to target every muscle group you have in one class. This class is a perfect way to build strength while sculpting your body and helping you get leaner. You'll get experience using resistance bands, free weights and other tools to get a full-body workout. 

Yoga 101

A series of poses and breathing exercises practiced to balance the mind and body. A great option for those new to Yoga.

Barre Sculpt 101

A ballet-inspired workout using a combination of low impact dynamic movement, isometric hold, and small range of motion exercises to get deep into the muscles while being educated on proper technique to prevent injuries.

Zumba Gold 101

Latin and International music and dance themes create a motivating workout at a slower pace than traditional Zumba. Body sculpting movements are combined with easy to follow dance steps. 

Easy Rider 101

45 minutes of basic indoor cycling. Appropriate for beginners and those wishing a moderate workout.

Halftime 101

A combination of cardio and strength exercise using different equipment options. There is no set format. One half of the class is dedicated to cardio exercises and one half to strength. Emphasis on proper form and technique.