New to Fitness

When it's your first time in a YMCA group fitness class, you'll need to figure out where to go and what to expect. 

The YMCA is here to help. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early and claim your space. Ask the instructor about any equipment you might need to set up. 

If you have a mobility or exercise issue, be sure to mention it to your instructor. He or she can always suggest a modified format.

The YMCA offers hundreds of group fitness classes each week. We're sure there is a class for you. 

The YMCA of the Triangle is one of the largest health and fitness organizations in the Triangle. If you're here, you're interested in better health, losing weight or another health and wellness goal. But getting started is the hard part. 

At the YMCA, we view physical fitness as one part of a healthy life. Whether you want to have enough energy to play soccer with your kids, train for a 5K, or find fellowship in a Yoga class, the YMCA has a spot for you. 

Joining the YMCA not only gives you access to all sorts of health and fitness amenities (like walking tracks, free group fitness classes, weight and strength training equipment), you also get a top-notch staff who love to help people set and achieve their fitness goals. 

Once you join, get started with a YMCA member fitness consultation, or one of our many free group fitness classes. Our Fitness 101 series is a great place for beginners to start.

Make your first group fitness class great by viewing our class schedule and making sure you're equipped.

What Should I Bring to the YMCA

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that moves with you
  2. Water bottle
  3. YMCA member card

What Should I Expect at the YMCA

  1. A super-friendly staff at the Welcome Center and on the Wellness Floor.
  2. Staff who are ready to help you find a group fitness class, understand a weight or strength training machine or give you encouragement.
  3. Lots of different classes for beginners.

How Do I Decide Where to Begin

  1. Schedule a Fitness Consultation
  2. Or, attend a 101 Class
  3. Or, find a group fitness class that interests you
  4. Or simply walk the indoor track and take it all in

Get started by joining the YMCA of the Triangle today. One YMCA membership gets you access to all Y's throughout North Carolina and Virginia.